Alchemy of Art 

Sea Sunrise 1with Andrey Tamarchenko

Wednesdays 10:30 am – 1:30 pm           

 Thursdays 10:00 am – 1:00 pm                         

8 classes $450

Navigating between the experience of childlike wonder in the face of Nature and the archetypal elements of imagination Alchemy of Art combines in-depth study of hands-on skills and visual vocabulary with a personal and practical connection to the history of art. Earth and water, fire and air, time and space become gateways to the universal language of images while iconic masterpieces serve as a springboard for individualized exploration and expression. This class places drawing and painting from observation within the larger context of creative dialog and personal development.



Power of Imagination    reflection 

with Andrey Tamarchenko                                        

Wednesdays 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm     

 8 classes $450

The holographic space of our imagination is the submerged temple where the images are formed. This course invites you to explore your own inner landscape – a sovereign territory unique to each individual, full of wonders, challenges and potentiality.

Power of Imagination calls forth and honors images created in the deep psyche by directing the flow of energy from the deep interior out onto the canvas. Inner splinters of sorrow, heartache, or hidden joy expressed in visual language, transform on the canvas into works of unique power and beauty regardless of the skill level of the artist.


Andrey Tamarchenko is the founder and artistic director of JoyArt.

Mr. Tamarchenko combines a comprehensive insight of artistic alchemy with a classical sensibility of fine art drawing and painting in which he became immersed during his recent 5 year sabbatical in Italy. In 1996, Andrey founded and for 10 years served as the director of Nandi School of Art in Montclair, guiding towards maturity a generation of young artists. Currently he also serves as the artistic director of Vistanuova Art Campus in Italy. Andrey’s caring, committed and open-hearted approach to teaching art reflects more than 20 years as a guide and facilitator allowing hundreds of people of all ages to experience the magical power of their own creativity. His educational methodology offers accessibility with ease to students on every level, both the beginner and advanced.



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