Vivid Matters


This is a compiled sampling of a few songs from VIVID MATTERS collaborative event performed by Laurence De Seve.
Laurence de Seve — composer, soprano lirico. Julia Tamarchenko — video.
Andrey Tamarchenko — painting

Vivid Matters is an artistic collaboration between color and sound, moving image and still paint, a woman and a tree –

a dialog both expressed and unspoken. The point of departure for this project has been a momentous conversation

with an ancient Lebanese cedar that has taken place on a border of Liguria and Piedmont in northern Italy.
To this initial encounter Laurence De Seve brought her soprano lirico voice and a drum, Andrey Tamarchenko –

paper, pastels and watercolor, Julia Tamarchenko — a video camera and her eye. The ancient tree brought a

powerful energy full of vivid images and wisdom that allowed the artists to go deeper into their artistic inquiry and process.
Vivid Matters is the result — a combination of poetry, music, oil paintings and drawings, video and performance,

a celebration of life in the cathedral of Nature transported into a gallery/theater environment.


Wedding Song


A 2 day art workshop in Cremolino, Italy. A group of friends celebrate the marriage of Charlotte Binoche and Oleg Yuriev

by creating a mural together. It is based on their common experience of the wedding itself which took place a few days

earlier in Fillols, France. Facilitated by Andrey Tamarchenko.




Here is “Labyrinth” – a video by Vladimir Klimenchenko – a poetic record of a collaborative art event that took place

few years ago on a certain hilltop in the Catskill Mountains of New York.