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“My Italy” – a video poem…

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Vivid Matters

This is a compiled sampling of a few songs from VIVID MATTERS collaborative event performed by Laurence De Seve.
Laurence de Seve — composer, soprano lirico. Julia Tamarchenko — video.
Andrey Tamarchenko — painting

Vivid Matters is an artistic collaboration between color and sound, moving image and still paint, a woman and a tree – a dialog both expressed and unspoken.
The point of departure for this project has been a momentous conversation with an ancient Lebanese cedar that has taken place on a border of Liguria and Piedmont in northern Italy.
To this initial encounter Laurence De Seve brought her soprano lirico voice and a drum, Andrey Tamarchenko – paper, pastels and watercolor, Julia Tamarchenko — a video camera and her eye.
The ancient tree brought a powerful energy full of vivid images and wisdom that allowed the artists to go deeper into their artistic inquiry and process.
Vivid Matters is the result — a combination of poetry, music, oil paintings and drawings, video and performance, a celebration of life in the cathedral of Nature transported into a gallery/theater environment.

One night each year a small village of Capriata D’ Orba in Piemonte is transformed
into Bethlehem at the time of Jesus’s birth.

A room-sized pastoral scene – over a hundred years old in the making.

Find a powerful sound source in Nature. Sit with your back to it. Close your eyes and take it in.
Focus on the sound and let it fill you completely. When you are ready release this vibrational
energy onto the paper. Rather than trying to follow the rhythm of the sound – look for your
own rhythm instead. Find your own ebb and tide, your own point of cessation and rest,
your own gust of tremor and trembling power.